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Olympian Tyler Mislawchuk returns to training after months of injury rehab

This is Mislawchuk's first training camp since Rio.

Manitoba’s Tyler Mislawchuk, who impressed Canada with his 15th place finish in his Olympic debut at Rio last year, has travelled to Ecuador for a training camp in his first month back at serious training. The 22-year-old, who was the youngest man on the Rio start line, suffered a leg injury in Rio that put him on crutches for weeks after the August event.

Mislawchuk has joined a squad of young Canadian triathletes at an altitude training camp under the guidance of coach Kyla Rollinson. Xavier Grenier-Talavera and fellow Olympian Amelie Kretz are among the athletes training at the camp.



Despite his injury and being unable to compete in the ITU Grand Final one month after Rio, Mislawchuk finished his 2016 season as the highest ranked Canadian athlete and 15th overall in the world. He will not be on the startline of the 2017 WTS season opener in Abu Dhabi next month but we hope to see him racing the Gold Coast or Yokohama stops in the coming months as he continues to rebuild his fitness.