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Olympian Andrew Yorke wins Egg Nog Jog

The retired triathlete is still in great running shape.

Since retiring from elite triathlon earlier this year, Rio 2016 Olympian has been busy exploring new interests — coaching, and becoming a police officer in the province of Ontario — but he’s also kept up his running and has participated in local road races around his native Caledon, Ont.

Most recently, Yorke participated in the Egg Nog Jog in Georgetown, a unique 10.8-km race, which he won in a time of 38:13. Averaging 3:33 min/km, Yorke came in a minute before the runner-up and almost three minutes before half distance specialist and pro triathlete Taylor Reid.

In a video interview we shot with Yorke earlier this year after his retirement was announced, he said that he loves running and continues to do it recreationally.