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Oakley Radar Pace features voice-activated, real time coaching

Oakley have bolstered their eyewear offerings unveiling the Radar Pace. Developed in collaboration with Intel, the smart eyewear feature a voice-activated coaching system that provides real-time feedback to help athletes better track and understand their performance.


The software is designed to create personalized training programs, track performance metrics, give coaching feedback and responds to the user’s questions. Using Intel’s Real Speech technology, the software allows athletes to ask Radar Pace about pace, power output, heart rate, time, distance and speed. There are also internal accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure, humidity and proximity sensors.

The glasses are intended to help athletes stay accountable to their training goals receiving instructions over the course of a workout. A touch pad located on the left temple allows the user to control functions like volume, music and answer calls with swipes and taps. The idea is that instead of fumbling with a mounted cycling computer, watch or smartphone, athletes can adjust and analyze their workouts better on the flu

The glasses are made to be connected to the Radar Pace App. Paired with smartphones, ANT+, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy the glasses provide users metrics that can help them to train smarter and stay more focused during specific workouts. The numbers then all can be analyzed in the App following the workout.


Oakley have put their Prizm Lens on the Radar Pace which provides vivid colours and contrast. The glasses are water resistant.

“Merging Oakley’s leading design and performance benefits with Intel’s technology, Radar Pace is a game changer in training and coaching,” said Ryan Saylor, vice president of advanced product development at Oakley. “One of the biggest benefits is the accountability—the coach being there with the athletes to help get the most out of every workout. It was a true collaboration that we hope will redefine the future of sport.”

The glasses with start at US$450 while the Oakley Pace App is free to download for IOS and Android in the App Store and Google Play.