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Oakley expands cycling line with Aro helmets and Jawbreaker apparel

Oakley reveals Aro3 ventilation, Aro5 aero road and Aro7 time trial helmets at Eurobike

World champion Jan Frodeno wears the new Aro7 helmet

Oakley’s performance eye wear is seen across the professional peloton. The companies sunglasses feature modern aesthetics and premium optics. Now Oakley are entering the realm of helmets with the release of the Aro line-up and apparel with their Jawbreaker cycling clothing.

Oakley’s brand new line-up of helmets covers three segments of the cycling market with the highly ventilated Aro3, the aero road Aro5 and time trial Aro7 each appealing to different riders. The helmets utilize a braided textile Boa’s TX1 lace retention system that sits flat against your head and are all MIPS-equipped for safety.

The helmets are designed to work as a system with Oakley eye wear giving you a place to easily securely store your glasses  and feature a Boa retention system which ensures everything fits nicely. Finally, all the helmets have anti-microbial X-Static padding for comfort.

The Aro3 is the helmet for riders seeking lots of ventilation be it for riding in the heat or on long climbs. The helmet allows air to flow through the helmet when you are moving at high speed and offers ventilation when you are going slower to better cool off your head. To achieve this there are large vents on the front, sides and back of the helmet.

The Aro5 is an aerodynamic road helmet that provides the advantages attacking riders and sprinters will benefit from. Oakely use what they call a Vane structure in order to channel air over the riders head while still providing an aerodynamic advantage. The helmet has fewer vents and a truncated tail. Oakley says their designers engineered the shape of the helmet to be fast even when the rider’s head is dropped.

The Aro7 is a time trial helmet suitable to efforts against the clock. Oakley say the shape was inspired by that of race cars. With fewer vents, their will be less airflow on the riders head but with the advantage of less drag. The helmet uses a magnetic system to keep the Oakley Prizm or clear shield in place. The shields can be flipped when not in use.

Additional to the three new helmets, Oakley have revealed Jawbreaker apparel.  The cycling kits are a joint project with Bioracer Speedwear, a custom cycling clothing manufacture.  Two styles of clothing will be available, premium and road. Their will also be socks, gloves and a Aro Pack Light bag.

The Oakley Aro7 helmet will retail for US$500, Aro5 is prices at  $250 and the Aro3 will cost US$180. The Jawbreaker apparel will be available with bib prices ranging from $120 to $220 while jerseys will range from US$120 to US$200. Socks are priced at US$20 while gloves will start a US$50.