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Nuun’s new Performance line reviewed

The perfect new hydration option for health-conscious triathletes this summer.

Nuun hydration recently announced the release of their new Performance line in Canada. An endurance drink mix designed for extended and intense activity, Performance is the first sports drink powder that is both Non-GMO Project Verified and Informed Choice – Safe for Sport. nuun partnered with world renowned exercise physiologist Stacy T. Sims PhD to develop Performance utilizing the latest research in sports science and purity of sourcing from the natural foods industry.

MEC is the first major retailer to carry Performance in Canada and it will also be available at sports specialty retailers across the country.The line is available to sample and purchase at the nuun booth Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend this weekend and will be served and nuun sponsored marathons and cycling events. nuun has a close relationship with former Canadian ice hockey star turned multi-sport athlete Andrew Ference. He had some nice things to say about nuun and his experience with Performance.

“nuun has been my hydration go to for everything from triple overtime in the playoffs to training for Haute Route Rockies this summer,” added Andrew Ference, Stanley Cup winning Canadian NHL Star and multi-sport athlete. “I’ve been testing Performance out on the bike and it is perfect for longer training and racing days.”

TMC staff members recently tested nuun’s Performance line in both the Mango Orange and Blueberry Strawberry at a running relay event we ran over the course of two days. Our team members enjoyed both flavours and found the drink to be light, not overly sweet and refreshing for the hot temperatures we were running in.

Here are some highlights of the Performance line:

  • designed for activities 90 minutes or longer or high intense shorter actvities
  • blend of highly bioavailable electrolytes, including potassium chloride needed during sustained exercise
  • sugars sourced from dextrose and vegan sucrose (conventional sucrose processed through bone char)
  • ideal sources and ratios of electrolytes and sugars to maximize fluid and nutrient absorption and muscle function
  •  3 to 3.5% ratio of carbohydrate to water and osmolality of 250 mOsm
  • flavor from dried fruit powder through unique process that maximizes the fruits bioavailability
  • pure ingredients and sourcing to improve absorption, reduce gastric distress
  • Non-GMO Project Verified and Informed Choice – Safe for Sport
  • available in two flavors – Mango Orange and Blueberry Strawberry
  • sold in 16-serving pouch for $29.00 and will also be available in single serve sachets
  • available at MEC online and in-store in late May