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Nine things you’ll do after an Ironman

Hours of training, mixed with pure exhaustion, leads to some pretty memorable moments following an Ironman

Many triathletes have completed the Ironman distance this year. For some, it was their first time, while for others, it was their 248th time. Regardless, after 10 plus hours of physical activity, many triathletes are overwhelmed with emotion and physical fatigue. This, along with months of training accumulate together and lead to some amusing activities following the race.

1. Introducing yourself as an Ironman, because let’s face it, you are one. And you didn’t swim 3.8K, bike 180K and run 42.2K to not tell anyone.

“You are an IRONMAN!”

2. Get a two-hour post-race massage. Deep tissue, please. Something that will remove every ache and knot in your body. I mean, 180K on the aerobars is a long time.

3. Eating the equivalent of three meals in one sitting. You just burned approximately 10,000 calories… “Treat yourself.”

4. Wearing your Ironman finisher T-shirt for the next week. Soak it in. Besides the shirts are pretty comfortable.

5. Walking over to the local tattoo studio and getting the famous Ironman “M” inked on your body. 

6. Sleep. Let’s face it, working a 9-5 job, along with family commitments, plus training 10 to 20 hours a week, there isn’t much time for sleep.

7. “I’m going to take a long break,” said everyone who did their first Ironman (see number 8).

8. Only to sign up for next year’s race, the next day. Once the pain of the experience has passed, you’ll rationalize that it wasn’t that bad, actually, it was a lot of “fun.” It may be an addiction, but there are worst things to be addicted to.

9. A week later, you will be back training for your next Ironman, because you’re an IRONMAN! For this one, you may actually want to take a long break before you think about getting back into training. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment.

Photo: Antoine J. Desroches