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Four tips to avoid the New Year’s crowds at the gym




Have you ever noticed the increase in bodies at the gym every January? One of the biggest New Year’s resolutions of the general population is to get fit. While for some this turns into a lifestyle change (which is great!), others lose their enthusiasm after a few weeks. Regardless, for those who frequent the gym it can mean needing to change up routine to make sure you can your workout in without interruptions, like waiting for machines. Here are the top five ways to avoid the New Year’s crowds at the gym and get your base training off to a good start.

1. Go in the morning

Even in the quieter months at a gym, you’ll find that most people work out in the evening. This usually increases in January. While you might not be a morning person, it’s the quietest hour of most gyms and a great time to have complete freedom while you workout. Change your habit for the first few weeks of January and you may find yourself loving a regular morning workout. Check out these warmup and nutrition tips to boost your morning workout.

2. Run to the gym

If you’re planning to do most of your January runs on the treadmill to avoid the cold, consider giving it a chance this January. With a great new pair of shoes, you might be excited to head out for a run in the snow. Kill two birds with one stone by planning a run to and from the gym with a strength session while you’re there.

3. Body weight conditioning

For triathletes using the gym to strength train this winter, remember that you don’t have to lift heavy to get the results you need. During the early new year, weight machines are some of the most utilized machines at the gym. To avoid spending unnecessary time at the gym while waiting for a machine, use the mat and work on body weight conditioning, like pushups and squats or stability ball work. These can also be done at home.

4. Take a class

If your gym offers classes as part of your membership, take January to try out some of the ones that might appeal to you. These classes usually require signup beforehand and have a capped number of participants. This could be a great time to boost your fitness in a fun, new way such as through yoga or boot camp.