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Mislawchuk returns to racing at Chengdu world cup

The Chendu world cup has a unique semi-final; final format this year.

Olympian Tyler Mislawchuk returns to racing on the ITU circuit for the first time since Rio this weekend at the Chengdu world cup in China. After recovering from a leg injury, Mislawchuk spent the winter training at home in Manitoba and then in Ecuador and Arizona under the guidance of coach Kyla Rollinson. He’ll take on the world cup race — which has a semi-final; final format — alongside Canadians Brennen Smith and Xavier Grenier-Talavera this weekend.

The multi-race format will consist of two different events with two different distances held over the course of two days. In a semi-final elimination round, athletes will complete a sprint-distance course, which consists of a 750-metre swim, 20-kilometre bike and 5-kilometre run. The men’s field will have a total of three semi-final rounds where the top nine men from each round will qualify for the finals, followed by the next top three fastest combined times to create a total of 30 men for the “A” Final start list. For the women, two heats will occur with the top 14 finishers from both rounds combined with the next two fastest times will create the 30-woman “A” Final roster. In both genders the athletes with the time of 31st to 60th position in the semi-finals will qualify for the “B” Finals. The Finals will then consist of a super sprint-distance format, which will see the athletes completing a 400-metre swim, 10-kilometre bike and 2.5-kilometre run to crown the final winners.