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Lionel Sanders talks about a disappointing Kona finish

Following his 30th overall finish in Kona, Sanders hints at major changes to come in 2019

Three days after Lionel Sanders’s 30th place finish at the 2018 Ironman World Championship, Sanders took to his YouTube account to share his thoughts and plans for 2019. As he has done in the past, Sanders forecasted significant changes to come in 2019, changes he hopes will put him in a better position to challenge for the world title in Kona. Here are a few changes he’s considering:

  • Move training base locations.
  • Make further dietary changes.
  • Get a coach, someone he can be¬†accountable to daily.
  • Optimize his bike fit and position.
  • Train with a few individuals¬†that will elevate his training.

One thing is clear from the video, Sanders expects more from himself. Whether Sanders can rebound from this performance and return to winning form will no doubt be one of the big storylines for the 2019 season.