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Lionel Sanders is doing another Ironman before Kona

Sanders to do an Ironman in training. We have many questions.

Lionel Sanders has announced on his YouTube channel that he’ll be doing another Ironman before the World Championship in Kona on October 13th. We have many questions:

  • Why? Okay, he answers it in his video, but why?
  • Is this a play to get in the heads of his competitors?
  • Who does an Ironman day in training?
  • Will Sanders unorthodox approach result in the crown in Kona or a blow-up?
  • Is he serious?
  • A swim into the bike makes a lot of sense, but running a marathon?
  • Is he actually doing a marathon? “… and then hop off the bike and immediately run…”
  • Is the video delayed? And just a combo of footage already taken. Corey Bellemore, a former Windsor Lancers teammate and current world record holder in the beer mile posted on Instagram on August 27th about a workout they did together. In the photo, Sanders is wearing the same gear in the video and Bellemore posted the workout: “A picture only says so much… Lionel did a 4km open water swim and a 180km bike right before this 21km run together (with hill intervals). A very inspiring friend to have and train with. ” So, did this already happen?