Lionel Sanders has announced on his YouTube channel that he’ll be doing another Ironman before the World Championship in Kona on October 13th. We have many questions:

  • Why? Okay, he answers it in his video, but why?
  • Is this a play to get in the heads of his competitors?
  • Who does an Ironman day in training?
  • Will Sanders unorthodox approach result in the crown in Kona or a blow-up?
  • Is he serious?
  • A swim into the bike makes a lot of sense, but running a marathon?
  • Is he actually doing a marathon? “… and then hop off the bike and immediately run…”
  • Is the video delayed? And just a combo of footage already taken. Corey Bellemore, a former Windsor Lancers teammate and current world record holder in the beer mile posted on Instagram on August 27th about a workout they did together. In the photo, Sanders is wearing the same gear in the video and Bellemore posted the workout: “A picture only says so much… Lionel did a 4km open water swim and a 180km bike right before this 21km run together (with hill intervals). A very inspiring friend to have and train with. ” So, did this already happen?

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