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Keep your hands warm on the run this winter with these glove options

The best in winter running glove options this winter.

If you’ve ever been mid-run and experienced cold hands, you may know that things are likely to get worse before they get better. In addition to bundling up and keeping your core warm, your hands are particularly susceptible to getting cold. With that in mind, here are some options for gloves to try out this winter as runners battle the toughest conditions that Canada has to offer.


Brooks Greenlight – $34

The Greenlight Gloves are the less expensive option in the Brooks glove lineup. They’re basic but get the job done in negative temperatures. In what has become nearly universal in the glove category, the Greenlights have tipped thumbs and index fingers for the ability to use a touch screen. The palm pocket is also handy (and a safe storage spot) if you’re carrying a single key.

Brooks also offers a heavy-duty pair, the Drift Running Gloves, which have the additional flap to make them into mittens.

Saucony Ulti-Mitt – $49.99

Winter Running Gloves The hybrid glove-mitten is an ideal option for Canadian winters as it offers the flexibility of adding an extra layer of protection on those extra cold days. When the temperatures are a bit warmer, the mitten cover can be pulled back to control warmth.

Conductive thumbs and index fingers also allow for the use of touch screen so you don’t have to peel off your Ulti-Mitts to send off a message or snap a mid-run photo. An added fleece thumb offers a soft option for wiping away your nose in cold weather too. The Ulti-Mitts are on the pricey side but are sure to keep your hands warm in the coldest conditions.

2XU Unisex Run – $50

The 2XU, a company specializing in compression gear, Unisex Run has a simple design and gets the job done. Because they’re also suitable for warmer spring weather, the 2XU entry level gloves may need to be paired with a liner glove to battle really cold temperatures. The 2XU product features a handy palm pouch and is available online.

Asics Windblock – $44.99

Coated with DWR, durable water repellent, these Asics gloves will keep you dry and warm. The downfall of many mittens and gloves can be that they lose the ability to retain warmth when damp in winter. The Asics Windblock aims to prevent that from happening with its insulated design.

Asics also offers a light glove, the Thermal Liner, for $14.99, which can serve as a base layer under other gloves and mittens on cold days.

Salomon S-Lab – $80

Winter Running Gloves Arguably the most advanced running gloves on the market, the S-Lab gloves include almost every feature a runner needs. A pocket for storage, touchscreen compatibility, elastic wrist closure. The only thing that runners may prefer is a longer cuff though the shortened cuff reduces weight.

Salomon Running offers free shipping if you’re looking to order online.

The North Face Runners 2 Etip – 39.99

An industry in outdoor apparel, these not-so heavy duty gloves are much warmer than they appear. The weather-resistant fleece gloves are light and can slide over a thin liner when temperatures dip real low during the winter. Even better, the product has a lifetime warranty.

Under Armour Layered Up Liner – $29.99

A relative newcomer to the running scene, Under Armour Layered Up Liner is as skin-friendly as they come. The soft material and extended cuff lets runners tuck the gloves under their sleeves to keep in heat. These, however, are designed for warmer temperatures or as a layer under a thicker set of gloves.