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The 2018 Ironman story of Master-Corporal Mikael Charbonneau-Lemaire

Charbonneau-Lemaire won the "Subaru Road to Kona" entry slot for the Ironman World Championship.

Mikael Charbonneau-Lemaire was nominated 78 times in the “Subaru Road to Kona” contest. Like of those many who entered the contest, Charbonneau-Lemaire is a selfless individual who has had the tragic experience of losing a loved one.

In 2017, Charbonneau-Lemaire lost his brother (Jordan) in a bike accident while training for Ironman Mont-Tremblant. Following the aftermath of the news, it became Charbonneau-Lemaire’s goal to fulfill his brother’s dream and qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Kona.

Charbonneau-Lemaire is a caring person, as well as a natural leader with 12 years of service in the military. Currently, he is an instructor (Aircraft Technician) at the Trenton Air Force base and the captain of the triathlon team. 

As a constant reminder to fulfil his brother’s dream, Charbonneau-Lemaire had the bike his brother was killed on repaired and uses it to push himself through his training. He will be riding the same bike on October 13th.