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Ironman star’s fasted transition workout

German long-distance champion Andi Boecherer shares a bike/ run session designed to work on your fat-burning aerobic system.

“I personally love the combination of two sports in one training session,” says German long-distance triathlon champion Andi Boecherer, “And it is really helpful to prepare yourself for a race and the strange feeling of running off the bike.”

Andi Boecherer on the run at the 2019 Challenge Roth triathlon. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

Fasted workouts require training after not eating – often these are best done first thing in the morning before you have any breakfast. Basically the concept is that your body will be depleted of carbohydrates, forcing your system to use stored fat for energy.

Through his sponsor Fe226, Germany’s long-distance star Andi Boecherer has been offering up some of his favourite workout suggestions, including this fat-burning fasted transition workout.

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Fasted brick bike/run (easy/steady)

– 60 min bike (on the trainer)
– 30 min run
2x (30 min bike/ 15 min run)

The length depends on your experience with training and also with fasted training. Take things a bit easier, if you are new to this type of taining, and get used to it first. “Fasted” means that you should avoid carbohydrates before and during training. You can have a coffee (without milk and sugar), then just go and take it EASY. If you train outdoors, take an “emergency” gel or bar with you in case you start to feel dizzy.

Coach Paul Laursen’s take: This session works on our fat burning aerobic system. Additionally, the pre-load depleting cycling session pushes this adaptation to the next level.