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This weekend’s IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 Canadian age group winners

Over 30 Canadian triathletes topped the podium this weekend

This past weekend, age group triathletes from Canada were busy picking up wins in their age groups on the IRONMAN and 70.3 circuits. In Canada, a total of 35 Canadians won their age group across three races, 70.3 Canada, 70.3 Calgary and IRONMAN Canada.

Finish line in Whistler Village at IRONMAN Canada. Photo Credit: Cam Mitchell

At IRONMAN 70.3 Canada, ten Canadian triathletes won their age group. They were;

Christy Drever in the F30-34. Shauna Dahl in the F40-44. Cameron Mitchell in the M18-24. Nicholas Lightbody in the M25-29. Elliot Holtham in the M30-34. Nathan Murray in the M35-39. Trevor Katelnikoff in the M44-49. Barry Berg in the M50-54. Dan Smith in the M55-59. Jacques Adam in the M65-69.

Then in Calgary, 16 Canadians were victorious in their age group at IRONMAN 70.3. They were;

Heidi Frehlich in the F18-24. Christine McKinley in the F30-34. Sharon Styles in the F40-44. Lousie Taylor in the F50-54. Jennifer Campbell in the F55-59. Jill Kerker in the F60-64. Rosemere Wedlake in the F65-69.

Ben Rudson in the M18-24. Ian Tucker M 25-29. Scott Cooper in the M30-34. Dave Van Reeuwyk in the M35-39. Craig Schmitt in the M40-44. Darin Hunter in the M45-49. Cal Zaryski in the M50-54. Rob Ellis in the M65-69. Gordon Bertie in the M70-74.

At IRONMAN Canada, hundreds of Canadians took on the very challenging course with a few winning their age group. They were;

Ailsa MacDonald in the F35-39. Cailla Patterson in the F45-49. Yvonne Timewell in the F50-54. Barbara Polehoykie in the F55-59. Laura Leno in the F60-64.

Nicholas Bowne in the M35-39. Richard MacDonald in the M40-44. Simon Craig in the M50-54. Len Ireland in the M65-69.

Down south in Delaware, Ohio, a lone Canadian, Matt Straatman won his M25-29 age group at IRONMAN 70.3 Ohio.