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Irish triathletes heading to Ironman North Carolina have a solution for shortened course


Earlier this week, Ironman North Carolina announced that this weekend’s race’s bike course would be drastically shortened from 180 km to 80 km due to weather and flooding issues in the region thanks to Hurricane Matthew. The coinciding 70.3 race’s bike course will also be shortened from 90 km to 80 km.

While this announcement caused some mild outrage from disappointed triathletes across social media this week, one group has a solution. A group of age-groupers from Ireland have looked into a way to make their race on Saturday the full, iconic 140.6 mile distance and reached out to us on Twitter to let us know their plan.

“After we cross the finish line on Saturday we are going to drive to Wrightsville Beach and complete the 62 miles of cycling up and down the strip there,” says Donal Hughes.

Hughes and his training partners welcome any other triathletes to come join them.

Here is their original post on Facebook.