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Introducing Tribay Market, a new Canadian-based sports nutrition service



Shopping for sports nutrition can be a hassle for triathletes, especially with limited product availability in most grocery stores. There’s a new Canadian company that offers a solution to this problem — Montreal-based Tribay Market is an online delivery service offering custom and pre-built boxes of sports nutrition products targeted towards your preference and needs as an endurance athlete and delivered straight to your doorstep in days.

We received one of Tribay Market’s pre-built boxes and were impressed with the diversity of products in the Triathlon Box. From a range of gels and bars to products we can’t even find in local store, like beet juice shots, there’s definitely enough to fuel a race and some key weekly training sessions. Besides the triathlon box, there are also pre-made boxes geared towards single sports specifically — swimming, cycling and running boxes each have around 15 unique products that will help elevate your training game.

The Cycling Box
The Cycling Box

The build-your-own box option is perfect for athletes who have specific products they already know and love and want to get them all in the same place. You can specify any dietary restrictions when customizing your box — this not only ensures you get the best fuel for you, but also helps you find new products from the wide range that Tribay Market carries. There’s no minimum product purchase for the custom option. It also lets you specify if you’re looking for pre-, during, or post-workout products, as well as those geared towards high vs. low intensity activity.

The Beginner's Box
The Beginner’s Box

A standard pre-built box will run you anywhere from $30 to $50 with free shipping after a minimum purchase. We received our box within two days, which the company says is standard across Canada. You can purchase boxes on a one-time basis or buy a monthly or bi-monthly subscription, which saves you a significant amount on each order.

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