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Huub Kickpant: The perfect wetsuit simulation tool

The perfect product to simulate wetsuit swimming in the pool this winter.


Kick your swimming game up a notch this year with Huub’s kickpant, a great pool tool that simulates the feeling of a wetsuit to get you swimming as if you’re in open water while also improving your leg kick and stroke technique.

This 3/4-length, high-density neoprene pant has a modulus insertion over the knee to actively control its bend during kicking, to promote a straighter leg kick action. The pants use Huub’s X-O skeleton system used in the full wetsuits to improve body alignment and reduce snaking through the core. The feel is similar to the brand’s popular 3:5 wetsuit category.

The pants provide as much lift as a pull-buoy would, but force you to maintain a light flutter kick if you choose to use them instead of a buoy while working on your pull. This means you don’t let your kicking suffer just because you’re isolating your stroke. The result is smoother, faster and more efficient swimming to help shave down those swim leg PBs in the new year.

Huub’s kickpant is available from sizes XXS to XL.

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The Canadian distributor for Huub products is SPEC Performance.