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Gwen Jorgensen helps launch campaign to include Mixed Relay in Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Show your support for the inclusion of Mixed Relay in the Olympics by using the hashtag #TriMixedRelays on social media.

On Monday, Olympic champion Gwen Jorgensen held a Facebook Live video session to announce her involvement in a campaign started by World Triathlon to get the Mixed Relay event included in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. While Jorgensen is not competing on the World Triathlon circuit this year because she is pregnant, she has announced her intention to compete in Tokyo with her eye on a second Olympic gold medal at the 2020 Games.

Currently, the Mixed Relay event has been a staple at World Triathlon Hamburg and Jorgensen along with her Team USA teammates claimed the win last year. While there has been discussion among the ITU about the future format of triathlon at the Olympic Games, there has also been discussions about expanding the Mixed Relay event — which comprises two male and two female team members in a series of back to back super sprint races — on the world stage.

In her video, Jorgensen says, “This would be great not only for the sport for us as athletes because it would give us a chance at winning another medal. As you know, right now we only have one opportunity to get a medal at the Olympics.”

While the ITU has presented the formal bid for the inclusion of the event, it still has to be approved by the IOC. To show them how enthusiastic the sport of triathlon is for this inclusion, World Triathlon is asking fans to support the campaign by tweeting #TriMixedRelays and tagging people on social media to do the same.