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Gwen Jorgensen comes third at 10 miler, proves she’s in good shape for New York Marathon

Photo credit: Ryan Taylor Visual

While the world’s top long course triathletes were recovering after competing for the world title yesterday at the 2016 Ironman World Championship this morning, another champion was getting one step closer to a big race to close out her season. Olympic gold-medallist Gwen Jorgensen announced after Rio that she’ll be running her first ever marathon this year at November’s New York City Marathon. Known for her prowess on the run, Jorgensen has dozons of triathlon wins to her name in part thanks to her ability to crush the competition in the final 10 or 5 kilometres of multi-sport races.

This morning, Jorgensen competed in the USATF 10 Mile Championship race in her home state of Minnesota and impressed the running world with her third place finish in a time of 53:13. She also beat notable US marathon runner Sara Hall.

Jorgensen’s race would roughly equate to a sub-2:30 marathon, an impressive standard for elite female runners and one that would give her a solid placing at next month’s marathon.

Jorgensen has yet to announce what her plans are for the future of her triathlon career, though she will be competing at the invitational Island House Triathlon later this fall in the Bahamas against other top triathletes in the world.