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Gear guide: Our 2018 goggle picks

Whether it’s a pool workout, an open-water swim with a group, or a mass start in a race, possibly the most critical component of any swim is your goggles. Having a pair that doesn’t leak, is comfortable for long periods of time (even the fastest full-distance swimmers take 45 minutes to complete the first leg of the race), doesn’t fog up and provide decent vision can make all the difference in the success and satisfaction of your next swimming endeavour. We’re happy to report that there are lots of options out there that will allow you to enjoy your next workout or race. Here are a few suggestions:

Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 Mirrored

$40 Combining a sleek, low-profile design with a wide panoramic view, you get the best of both worlds with the Speed Socket 2.0 – goggles that do a great job in the pool, but also provide lots of vision for open-water swimming, too. The classic race fit (read, inner eye) will keep those with a swim background happy. You can really dial in the fit with the double headstrap to ensure you have leak-proof workouts. The mirrored lens is perfect for open-water swimming, as it reduces glare and brightness, but isn’t so dark that you won’t feel comfortable using these in a pool.

Arena Cobra Tri Mirror

$70 Designed with triathletes in mind, the Cobra Tri goggles are specially engineered so that water doesn’t flow over the lenses, so your vision remains clear. The mirrored lenses are great for open-water swims, but aren’t so dark that you’ll be hesitant to use them in a pool. 3D Japanese TPE seals ensure a comfortable fit and that water won’t get in. You can dial in the fit, too, thanks to the adjustable nose piece and adjustable split strap. The durable lenses will get you through lots of workouts, won’t fog up and also provide UV protection for those outdoor efforts.

Huub Brownlee Goggles

$60 Featuring a unique nose bridge that provides even more comfort, the snug fitting Brownlee goggles combine the looks and hydrodynamic qualities of a competition swim goggle with a soft, flexible silicone gasket to ensure you’ll stay comfortable even during the longest swims. The high-grade polycarbonate lenses provide crystal clear vision, while the dual straps allow you to dial in the right fit. If they’re good enough for the Olympic medallists, you’ll likely be happy with them, too.

MP XCEED Titanium

$55 Michael Phelps is a huge fan of the Xceed goggles, which use a specially designed curved lens and hydrodynamic low profile to ensure you’ll slide through the water quickly, while still getting lots of vision. Phelps likes the fact that he can see the wall and his competition clearly, and you’ll enjoy the enhanced visibility in open-water swims, too. The titanium version with its mirrored lens offers lots of sun and glare protection. The exo-core technology combines two materials: the compressed “micro-gasket” provides a comfortable, leak-proof seal and the semi-rigid “exoskeleton” ensures the goggles are stable on your face and remain durable to get you through many workouts and races.