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Garmin Swim 2: GPS swim watch with underwater wrist-based heart rate

The new Garmin Swim 2

Garmin has launched a new version of its swim watch, one that provides wrist-based heart-rate data. The Swim 2 works for pool workouts or in open water, providing distance, pace, stroke count and distance-per-stroke info.

In the pool the Swim 2 can also time sets and log drills, and has an auto-rest feature to help you track your workouts. It also has pacing alerts to help you stay nail your workout goals.

The Garmin Swim 2 will log drill sets.

For open water efforts, the Swim 2 uses GPS to track distance and can also provide info on your stroke distance, too.

Like other Garmin fitness watches, the Swim 2 is designed to be worn all day, tracking steps and monitoring sleep quality. You can pair it to a smartphone for updates, and it’ll sync with Garmin Connect automatically to log your workouts. You’ll get up to seven days of battery life, with up to 13 hours of GPS and optical heart rate tracking, or 72 hours in a pool with optical heart rate tracking.

We’ll have a more detailed look at the Garmin Swim 2 for you in the near future.