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Five tri bikes you can’t get in Canada

Stare all you want, you won't find these bikes in Canada

Tri bikes are a niche; they draw attention on the road and at any race. What grabs your attention is the sleek geometry, futuristic contours and aggressive positions. Some of the best, are bikes you can’t have, or at least, bikes you can’t get easily. Here are a five tri bikes we wish were available in Canada, as we’d love to take these out for a spin, or better yet, some hard efforts.

Airstreeem – Super TT Plus

Courtesy of AIRSTREEEM

AIRSTREEEM, that’s a new name. We aren’t sure how we feel about it, seems to be a spin on slipstream, and the triple “E” seems a bit odd. Also, take a look at the top tube hydration system, it seems to be a bit out of place. All that said, the AIRSTREEEM Super TT Plus has that classic aero look, a look that will never go out of style. Handbuilt in Salzburg, Austria, this bike can be found ripping around the roads in Europe.

Cube – Aerium TT C:68

Courtesy of Cube

Though you may not have heard of Cube, like David Hasselhof, they are big in Germany. The freshly updated Aerium C:68, is their triathlon/TT bike of choice. Featuring a clean, sleek frame, and one of the best disc integration we’ve seen to date, this bike is pretty sweet. Like the AIRSTREEEM Super TT Plus, this bike has a classic aero look.

Diamondback – Andean

Courtesy of Diamondback

So, Diamondback isn’t one of these unheard of European bike companies, it’s an American one, and they sell bikes in Canada. Unfortunately, they do not sell this bike in Canada. So, if you want one of these sick rides and have the mean’s to do so, take a trip across the border. But watch out for those crosswinds, this bike looks more like a boat sail than a bike. And where did the seatstays go?

 Canyon – Speedmax

Courtesy of Canyon

You may have seen a few pros riding this one; some guys named Jan and Patrick you might have heard of? After being ridden to wins in the last two IRONMAN world championships, by Jan Frodeno and Patrick Lange, the Canyon Speedmax has become one of the most sought after tri bike available. Want one? You will have to once again go south of the border. Canyon, a German bike manufacturer is newly available in the states.

Lapierre – Aerostorm

Courtesy of Lapierre

This one is the last on our list, in no particular order. Lapierre bikes are hard to come by in Canada, let alone a TT/tri specific bike like their Aerostorm. The set post looks weird, with no continuity with the frame. That said, the geometry of the bike is pretty cool, with an attractive top tube and seat tube cut. Then, looking at the seat tube, it has a more substantial body as it forms into the seatstays.