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Female triathlon emojis coming to Apple devices this fall

Female swimmer, cyclist and runner emojis are coming to an Apple device near you this fall. The upcoming operating system, Apple’s iOS 10, will feature a diverse set of female characters for messaging purposes, the company announced on Monday.

Molly Huddle, an American distance runner who will compete at the Olympics, has been pushing for the addition of a female runner emoji to Apple since early October. Currently, there are only male emoji for swimming, cycling and running available on the iOS operating system. Iphones and iPads, for example, operate with iOS.

The software update is expected to be released this fall. The emojis needed approval by Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization that maintains software standards in the cellular space.

Female Runner Emoji

Photo: Apple.

Google, as reported by Mashable, recently announced that Android will introduce a similar set of female characters for its bank of available emojis. Characters are available in different skin tones as well.