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My favourite workout: Jordan Bryden

A gruelling swim set tops Bryden's favourite workout list. He also shares his top pro tips and more.


Name: Jordan Bryden

Coach: I work with the coaching team at Trisutto!

Current training location: Calgary, Alberta/Rocky Mountains

I compete in: Full and half distance

I typically train: I would guess a average of 25 hours per week, but more during the season and less during the spring at the moment.

My next race is: Currently not 100 per cent nailed down at this point — but considering CanadaMan, if I can get in after a sell-out first year!

My strength in the sport is: Pure passion. I love the sport, the community, the events and the individuals that make triathlon what it is. Passion has kept me going 20 years strong so far! When it comes to training — swimming has always been a strength due to my time as a swim club kid. I have a great love of the tougher course races and/or colder days on course as well.  I love races with a tactical element.


My weakness in the sport is: Consistency year round can be a bit challenging when you work full time hours. Training camps of course bring great gains, but my problem lies in finding balance between work and training. When it comes to racing, heat seems to be my greatest weakness at this point. In Ironman Taiwan this year I was first off the bike but crumbled on the marathon in ridiculous high temperatures. I’ve have been told my weakness is also that I don’t follow online forums where apparently all the good opinions and secrets are 😉


My favourite workout it: A day that involves a summit mountain run in the Rockies, 1.5 hours cross-country skiing, and then a 2 km build swim to bring the body back together afterwards. My favourite single workout is a swim set of 30 – 60 x 100 free on 1:25.  At the start of the season I just do 30, but progress to doing the whole set a few months later. It’s a very steady overall — but the goal is to build effort and feel strong as possible on the last 10. The first half of the workout can be bit mentally challenging, but after than the rhythm takes over and I feel a lot of focus in the consistency and really love it.


My least favourite workout is: The run to the fridge after a really hard training day!? Just kidding. Brick workouts that have multiple sets. Once those cycling shoes come off once… they should be left alone till then next workout.

My pro tip: ADAPT. The ability to adapt may be the secret to the sport.

Adapt to your environment. If you live in a cold environment — learn to love the consistency you can get on a trainer. In a hilly area? Take the opportunity to work some strength. Flat roads? Work your time trial skills and make your time trial a weapon.

Adapt training programs to your life. Stress is always stress, whather its physical, emotional, or otherwise. Don’t go doing intensity workouts when you are feeling the strain in other areas of your life.

Adapt your nutrition. Use snacks that are readily available at local gas stations anywhere you may travel, so your body is used to things you can always find easily.

Adapt your race schedule to your training. Don’t go racing a hilly course if you trained on a flat course.