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My favourite workout: Joanna Brown

As Joanna Brown heads to next weekend's New Plymouth world cup, she shares her favourite workout with us and details about her training.


Name: Joanna Brown

Coach: Craig Taylor

Current training location: Scottsdale, Arizona

I compete in: ITU (Continental Cup, World Cup, WTS) and XTERRA (Cross triathlon)

I typically train: 20 to 25 hours per week

My next race is: New Plymouth World Cup

My strength in the sport is: Being relentlessly positive

My weakness is: I cannot reveal this information

My favourite workout is: This workout that I’ve done on a few occasions with the amazing ladies of the Speed River Track club. I’m always absolutely knackered afterwards and spend a lot of time on the floor.

There are many different variations of this “pace change” workout but I’d say this one is my favourite.
  • 15 min easy warm-up, then:
  • 3 x (2 min prime with 1 min rest) (prime = whatever you need it to be on the day, getting your body ready for a hard effort. I usually build these)
  • Main set: 3 x 2km continuous : (400 tempo/400 @ 5km race pace/800 tempo/400 @ 5km race pace).
  • 4 – 5 min rest in between intervals.
  • Cooldown: get home

My least favourite workout is: Days off

My best pro tip is: Bring toilet paper with you on runs in case of emergency. If you don’t need it, its a great way to make friends.