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My favourite workout: Dominika Jamnicky

Dominika Jamnicky shares her two favourite workouts, the workout she dislikes the most, and her top pro tip.


Name: Dominika Jamnicky

Coach: Craig Taylor

Current training location: Florida

I compete in: Draft-legal triathlon at the world cup and WTS level

I typically train: 20 to 24 hours per week

My strength in the sport is: Transitions. I’ve been known to have some of the fastest transitions in our sport, especially T1!

My weakness in the sport is: Extending speed out into threshold pace (this has been a work in progress for the last three years and each year I make a positive step forward).

My favourite workout is: Two — a swim and a run set.

Swim set — start speed set:

  • 4-5 x broken 150m at 100m pace as (75 @ 2:00, 50 @ 1:30, 25 @ 0:60)
  • For example my goal 100 pace is 1:00-1:01 so I would aim to swim 75m at 0:46-0:47, 50m at 0:30-0:31, and 25m at 0:14.

Run set — This was a personal goal set I tackled a few times last year:

  • 10x1km @ 5:00 holding 3:20-3:25 (to make it more challenging decrease set time to 4:30 turnover)

My least favourite workout is: 2k time trials in the pool are hard!

My pro tip: Patience and progress is key to development in triathlon. It’s the main principle in our endurance-driven sport. Check off small attainable goals building up to a big vision.