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Cody Beals reveals his earnings as a pro in third installment of his annual budget blog posts

Cody Beals. Credit: Julien Heon
Cody Beals. Credit: Julien Heon

There’s a reason Cody Beals has become known as “the people’s pro” in triathlon. He’s one of the few professionals in the sport (if not the only) who gives the rest of the community completed unfiltered insight into his life as pro. Through his extremely popular blog, Beals discusses everything from the details of his daily and weekly training to his struggles with testosterone to his financial situation as a full-time triathlete. His most popular blog posts to date have been his detailed descriptions of his earnings through competing in triathlon full-time. Today, Beals released the third edition of his annual triathlon budget.

While acknowledging that professional triathletes across the sport usually struggle to make ends meet, Beals has outlined his earning for the past three seasons. He revealed in his first post that in 2014 his annual profit was $1,546. After quickly rising to the top of the sport on the 70.3 circuit, it’s no surprise that in this third edition, Beals reveals his profit rose to $44,100 in 2016.

You can read Beals’ full blog post here. He includes detailed pie charts, graphs and tables with all the info.

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