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All-Canadian podiums at Quebec’s S3 World Cup

The ITU S3 world cup is Canada's largest winter triathlon and the results this weekend prove that we're a country at the forefront of winter multisport on the global scene.

Maxime Leboeuf successfully defended his title at Quebec’s S3 world cup this weekend, dominating the men’s race in what turned out to be a Quebec sweep of the top three spots. Ariane Carrier took her first women’s title in Quebec City, leading an all-Canadian women’s podium, too.

The ITU S3 Winter Triathlon World Cup features a 5 km snowshoe, 11 km skate followed by a 9.5 km cross country ski.

Pentathlon 26 février _ Alice Chiche-5
Elite Men’s Results
1. Maxime Leboeuf, Canada (QC) 1:10:23

2. Olivier Babineau, Canada (QC) 1:13:49

3. Marc-André Bédard, Canada (QC) 1:15:51

4. Yves St-Louis, Canada (QC) 1:17:32

5. Michel Jean, Canada (QC) 1:18:09

6. Eric Lavigne, Canada (QC) 1:20:30

7. James Poulin-Cadovius, Canada (QC) 1:21:03

8. Jochem Uytdehaage, Pays-Bas 1:22:34

9. Dusan Simocko, Slovaquie 1:24:40

10. Nicolas Munger, Canada (QC) 1:31:59

Pentathlon 26 février _ Alice Chiche-4

Elite Women’s Results

1. Ariane Carrier, Canada (QC) 1:25:39

2. Amanda Butler, Canada 1:27:27

3. Claude Godbout, Canada (QC) 1:29:24

4. Sara Hewitt, Canada 1:30:47

5. Annie Gervais, Canada (QC) 1:30:49

6. Jonna Pettersson, Suède 1:33:40

7. Marilaine Savard, Canada (QC) 1:34:33

8. Mary Thompson, Canada 1:34:48

9. Andrea Hruzova Hrasko 1:38:29

10. Sarah-Anne Brault, Canada (QC) 1:43:28