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Canadian amateur triathletes can travel and race worry-free with Aon’s new Tricover program

The first of its kind, Aon's Tricover package was launched especially for Canadian triathletes this year.

Triathletes who have ever experienced that all-too-familiar stress that comes with flying with your carbon fibre tri bike and race wheels to a destination race will be pleased to learn theres a new service that puts your mind at ease. We put so much into our sport from money spent on gear, to time spent training and sometimes the smallest thing can derail all that investment. Aon has developed a triathlon-specific insurance package called Tricover for Canadians, that takes care of everything and has you covered in the event of any accident that occurs during your multisport travel.

The idea for this new program, which launched earlier this year at Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant, came from Aons executive VP  of Eastern Canada  Stephane Lesperance. An avid cyclist himself, Lesperance was frustrated with the lack of insurance options for cyclists. Besides not being able to easily get his bike insured, he was frustrated that athletes couldnt claim insurance for an expensive event (such as an Ironman) that they had trained for, but for whatever reason could not partake in when the time came.

Our program is three-fold, says Aon’s National Director, Personal Insurance, Caroline Mills-White. It’s annual coverage that provides accident insurance for your event, insures your bike, thus solving the problem of not have to put it on your home owners insurance, and it covers travel. When you cross the border for a race, which many triathletes do, youre covered,she explains.

For anyone who has ever had bike damage from air travel and knows how unhelpful some airlines can be, this program puts your worries to rest. It includes extra coverage for parts like wheels and expensive equipment that can get lost or misplaced by airlines easily, too.

Triathletes love to travel the world for their multisport adventures and with many prominent Ironman events in the USA, Canadians have to consider things like expensive US medical care in the event of a serious injury.

Tricover gets you financially protected so you can go there and just have fun,Mills-While says.

The program is easily accessible. It is available to all amateur Canadian athletes, purchasable by phone, or online at www.tricover.aon.ca and you can buy it right up to your next event.

Next time you worry about any accidents that could occur while you travel abroad for a race youve trained hard for, consider Aon’s package so you can focus on what matters enjoying the sport.