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Build strength with low cadence intervals

Shift into the big chainring and get into your smallest cog - its time for a big gear workout

Photo by: Lauren Brandon on her Ventum One.

— by Lauren Brandon

Time for another big gear bike workout. One of my favourite aspects of a big gear, or low cadence bike workout, is that it is a great way to build strength in the legs. Big gear intervals can be incorporated into your training all season long, and it can be done on the trainer or out on the road.

You want your cadence to be around 60 RPM during the big gear intervals. Try not to grind on the pedals, but instead think about keeping a smooth pedal stroke. Also, try to do these intervals in your TT position. Think about keeping your upper body relaxed and develop the power from your legs.

Total workout time: 90 minutes

Warm up

20 minutes (10 easy, 5x 1-minute hard/1-minute easy)

Main Set

4x 10 minutes big gear/low cadence (this should be 80-85%) with 5 minutes easy with high cadence

Cool down

10 minutes easy