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Blasting in Beijing: Mola and Duffy take Beijing International Triathlon

Photos and a race recap from the Beijing International Triathlon won by Mario Mola and Flora Duffy.

Photos by Rocky Arroyo

Mario Mola and Flora Duffy take the wins at the Beijing International Triathlon

World champions Mario Mola (ESP) and Flora Duffy (BER) took the wins at last weekend’s Beijing International Triathlon, which featured over 1,000 athletes from 29 countries. The pros took part in a draft-legal, standard-distance race, while age group athletes competed over both the sprint- and standard-distance.

American Eric Lagerstrom led the way out of the water in the men’s race, but had Mola, New Zealand’s Sam Ward and fellow American Joe Maloy on his heels.

Duffy was the first woman to hit T1, closely followed by Great Britain’s Lucy Hall and Australian Natalie Van Coevorden.

Lagerstrom, Mola and Ward broke away from the rest of the competition on the bike, setting up a 10 km footrace easily taken by the fleet-footed Mola.

Duffy, Van Coevorden and Hall also stayed clear on the bike, with Duffy pulling clear on the run to take the win by almost two minutes.

Here are some photos from last weekend’s event by Rocky Arroyo:

Sunrise in transition …
Shoes are all set …
Flora Duffy goes through some final pre-race prep.
And they’re off!
Eric Lagerstrom pushes the pace …
… and then it’s Mario Mola’s turn to push at the front …
… you take the lead … no, you take the lead …
Flora Duffy drives the train with Natalie Van Coevorden and Lucy Hall close behind.
“I had a great race today,” said Mola. “I was able to stay in touch with the front group on the bike the whole time. Eric, Sam and I worked well together and entered the second transition as a group. I pulled ahead within the first 400 meters of the run allowing me to take it a little easier on the stair climb which was harder than I had remembered.”
Sam Ward, Mario Mola and Eric Lagerstrom.
“This was my first time competing in the Beijing International Triathlon and I had heard this was a hard race, but did not know what to expect,” said Duffy. “Coming out of the swim first felt great, but the transition run after the swim was harder than I expected. Natalie, Lucy and I worked well together on the bike course and established a nice gap, so I felt good going into the run. Running the stairs was very challenging. I am super happy to have won today, my first win in a long time.”
Non Stanford, Flora Duffy and Lucy Hall

Top Professional Men’s Results:

  1. Mario Mola (ESP) 1:56:02
  2. Eric Lagerstrom (USA) 1:57:19
  3. Sam Ward (NWZ) 1:59:20
  4. Keeghan Hurley (USA) 2:01:34
  5. Joe Maloy (USA) 2:02:49

Top Professional Women’s Results:

  1. Flora Duffy (BER) 2:04:55
  2. Lucy Hall (GBR) 2:06:53
  3. Non Stanford (GBR) 2:08:44
  4. Natalie Van Coervorden (AUS) 2:10:14
  5. Carolina Routier (ESP) 2:15:11