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Blair Morgan’s triathlon background helped him run a remarkable 1:05:55 half-marathon

Known as one of the top Canadian races to qualify for Boston, the Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope and race weekend was held in southern Ontario this past weekend This year, Olympic marathoner Reid Coolsaet made an appearance and won the 10K Saturday before pacing the half-marathon on Sunday as a race ambassador. For many triathletes in the area, Road2Hope Marathon is a great end-of-season opportunity to test running fitness and aim for a PB.

On Sunday, triathlete Blair Morgan ran a blistering fast half-marathon time of 1:05:55 on the net-downhill course. Not only did this earn him an easy victory, it also was one of the fastest times in the country in 2016, according to Marathon Canada.

Morgan, who started running as a child thanks to the encouragement of his triathlete father, attended McMaster University to run with the school’s cross-country team alongside the many elite triathletes who have launched their pro careers from there. Alongside top triathletes like Lionel Sanders, Taylor Reid and Andrew Yorke, Morgan’s running improved immensely during his time at McMaster as he aimed to compete at triathlon’s highest level.

While Morgan eventually decided to focus on running, he says his background in triathlon certainly helped him attain such fast times in running and he still incorporates cycling into his training regime and considers it important cross-training for any runner.