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Awful Running Stock Photos

Here at Triathlon Magazine Canada we use a good number of stock photos, some better than others. We’ll admit we’ve sometimes used pictures that, to the trained eye, may not be completely convincing the person in the shot knows what they’re doing. Still, you can rest assured we’ve spared you the worst of the bunch. At least, until now.

For those of you not fortunate enough to regularly deal with stock photos, here is a short compilation of our favourites that feature runners. They were all found with some of our common search terms and range from something’s a bit off here to that just doesn’t make any sense.

The only people who run in the surf with shoes on are stock photo models.

runner race tape

None of these people were running ten seconds ago.

Yeah, OK.

Sprint intervals on desert highway. Right…

OK, we’ve actually used this one.  This guy puts the stalk in stock photos

This treadmill is outside. It’s sunny outside.

Normcore group run.

The basketball shoes are the least weird thing about this stock shot.

marathon poster

Lorem ipsum dolor sit. Yep, that just about sums up the marathon experience.

In 1992, your dad was a stock photo model.


That’s one tough cartoon coach


He came from the ocean. Out of focus. To nail that job interview.


The first annual Men’s-Only sandal 5K