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Australian triathlete Craig Percival dies of heart attacks after knee surgery


Well-known Australian Ironman athlete Craig Percival passed away earlier this week after suffering multiple heart attacks during knee surgery. The father of two earned international attention in the triathlon world last year when he completed eight full distance-length triathlons in eight days in each of Australia’s eight states.

Percival, 45, was in the hospital for knee surgery last week when he suffered multiple heart attacks from a blood clot that moved from he knee to his lungs. He was sent into a coma and passed away six days later.

Percival, who inspired many through the sport, was also a popular coach. He regularly competed in long distance races for charity and raised $100,000 through his eight races in eight days attempt.

Chris Riordan, a friend and photographer who often accompanied Percival during his endurance endeavours, had begun making a documentary about his attempts. In an open tribute he shared on social media last week, he wrote: ” One of the most amazing people I had ever met had passed away, and it broke my heart… we need a lot more people like Craig in the world, and at the moment, we’re one down.”

Triathletes have been sharing memories of Percival through triathlon forums online this week.