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All you need to know for IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant

Race tips from Canadian professional and local triathletes

On Sunday, August 19th, thousands of age group triathletes will swim 3.8K in Lac Tremblant, bike 180K through Quebec’s beautiful Laurentian region and run 42.1K through Mont-Tremblant’s village and quiet paths. As you get ready for your big day, here are some tips from Canadian professional and local triathletes.

The Days before an IRONMAN

Canadian professional and local triathlete, Antoine Desroches, recommends you be staying on top of your nutrition in the days leading up to your race. “You want to be hydrating lots, and not with just water. Make sure you are mixing in a type of electrolyte mix. You don’t want to flush your muscles out” says Desroches. Getting your muscles stocked with energy and electrolytes should be your plan of attack. Desroches says, “Personally, I eat a lot of bananas a few days out. They are high in potassium, which is important for muscle function.” Then before the race, he’ll try to do as little walking as possible. “I’ll watch a movie on Netflix or do some easy shakeout sessions,” says Desroches.

Course Tips

Daniel Clarke, Canadian professional triathlete and TMC contributor, has raced in Mont-Tremblant a few times. He has competed at both the 70.3 and full Ironman race, and below he shares some course tips.

2018 Water Temperature

Summer 2018 has been hot. With high air temperatures in the area, La-Tremblant’s water temperatures have been rising too. Triathletes on site this week have been posting updates of the temperatures, and it’s close the legal wetsuit limit. Clarke has been on site since Tuesday and here is what he has to say. “The water is warm right now, but we could get up to 50mm of water tomorrow (Friday). This should cool down the water and also churn the lake so the cooler deep water comes to the top.” If temperatures rise above 24.5 degrees Celsius it will be a non-wetsuit swim for all participants. Wednesday the temperature was 25.5, and Thursday was 24.1.