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A glance at the Canadians racing at Super League Triathlon Mallorca

How will the Canadians do at the last Super League Triathlon event of 2018?

Start of Super League Triathlon Malta. Photo: Darren Wheeler

This weekend, five Canadians will be racing at the Super League Triathlon event in Mallorca, Spain. Desirae Ridenour, Matthew Sharpe, Joanna Brown and Tyler Mislawchuk will be joined by Nathan Killam, one of Canada’s best long course triathletes. At Super League Triathlon Jersey, Killam got the crowd going and bought into the Super League Triathlon format.

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Following the hashtag campaign, “GETKILLAMTOMALTA,” Killam gained entry to the remainder of the Super League Triathlon races. “I am truly thankful for the support, and I’m so excited to leave everything on course this weekend,” says Killam.

Nathan Killam

Nathan Killam. Photo: Super League Triathlon

Killam has been preparing for the Super League Triathlon format by incorporating his cyclocross season into his training. Known for his stache and cycling ability, the native of Vancouver, BC, is a regular on the provincial cyclocross circuit. The intense efforts of a cyclocross race not only help him in the 90K time trials of a half Ironman, but they also prepare him for Super League Triathlon (SLT) racing. “This past weekend, I did a brick session with my friend Elliot Holtham after the Junkyard and Pumpkin Cross. We didn’t run it as fast as I will at SLT, but it was definitely to prepare for Mallorca,” says Killam.

Desirae Ridenour

Desirae Ridenour. Photo: Darren Wheeler

Despite being the youngest triathlete in the women’s field, Ridenour made a point of holding her own in Malta. “It’s pretty tough going up against so many well-known athletes (like Katie Zaferes, Rachel Klamer and Joanna Brown). Some days it doesn’t go the way you want it to, but on Saturday (in Malta), I was able to prove to myself that I’m meant to be here and hope to do the same in Mallorca.”

This weekend, Ridenour will be listening to some trending rap playlist and chatting up the competition, as she prepares for her races in Mallorca.

Matthew Sharpe

Matthew Sharpe. Photo: Tom Shaw/Super League Triathlon

The six-foot-two Canadian is deadly when it comes to the closing hundred metres of a race. Unfortunately, in Malta last weekend, Sharpe wasn’t feeling a hundred per cent due to a crash in Ecuador the previous week. “After last weekend, I was pretty bummed about the situation. I’m looking forward to another opportunity to compete this weekend.”

Despite the bumps and bruises, Sharpe is still able to do what he loves. “I’ve missed many races in my life due to injuries, so I’m just grateful to be on the start line and have the opportunity to perform.”

Joanna Brown

Joanna Brown. Photo by Tom Shaw/Super League Triathlon

At Super League Triathlon Malta, Brown thrilled the crowd with a third-place finish on Saturday. Following the race, Brown didn’t hide the effect the weekend had on her, “The legs after Malta are very sore.”

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All weekend, the 2018 Commonwealth bronze medalist fought hard and was in the middle of the action from the get-go. However, the racing format of Super League Triathlon is different from the style of racing on the International Triathlon Union circuit. “I’m still figuring out how to approach SLT, but I definitely underestimate how much it takes out of you,” says Brown.

On race day, Brown hopes to capitalize on her late-season form and grab another top result. “The Mallorca course really suits me. I’ll have to be brave and aggressive on this course to get on the podium.”

Tyler Mislawchuk

Tyler Mislawchuck in the final hundred metres of the Equalizer. Photo: Tom Shaw/Super League Triathlon

Mislawchuk’s performance on the last day of racing in Malta was impressive. In the final hundred metres, he and Johnny Brownlee went head-to-head for third place. In the end, Mislawchuk got the better of Brownlee and moved up to seventh in the overall rankings.

This weekend, Mislawchuk will try to finish his 2018 season with another big performance. “I will be pushing hard this weekend, knowing it’s the last time I will be at this level of pain for a few months,” says Mislawchuk.

As part of his race prep, Mislawchuk tops up on coffee and listens to his favourite tunes, before going full gas. “Super League Triathlon racing is really short, so a little strategy comes into play, but you have to be ready from the first stroke.”

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