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8 pieces of essential gear not to forget at triathlon training camp

As training camp season approaches, we’ve compiled a list of the essential gear items every triathlete needs to remember for their week of training away. Regardless of where you’re headed, there are many extra considerations you should be aware of with gear — the increased training volume and new conditions necessitate some extra items. Here’s our list of the 8 essential items (beyond the obvious) every triathlete should remember at training camp:

A good bike bag

This is your first key gear item, unless you’re attending a camp that is taking your bike down for you. We have a guide of our favourite bike bags here. Generally, a soft case will save you some airline fees.

Spare derailleur hanger

These can easily get damaged during transport or have a crash, and depending on where your camp is you might not be within close range to a bike shop that carries the correct replacement. Pack a spare with you, which you can swap easily and save yourself the hassle of wasting time trying to find a new one while away.

Charging cord for your Garmin

Easily forgotten, but something you won’t want to be at training camp without. How else would you upload your workouts to TrainingPeaks and Strava?

A range of cycling clothes

Even though you’re likely headed somewhere warm, be prepared for ALL weather. The forecast can change quickly for some regions, mornings can be cooler than expected in the spring, and in general you’re just always better to be over-dressed than under. Pack layers for the bike, arm and leg warmers, and gloves (our web editor once forgot gloves on a training camp and learned her lesson — it made for some uncomfortable rides in California in March).

Your preferred long ride/race day nutrition

Training camp is the perfect place to get used to your race day nutrition, so be sure to pack ahead in case you can’t find the products you’re used to at your camp destination. The same goes for your favourite long ride snacks — bring more than you’ll actually need, just incase.

Mini pump

For when you need to pump up your tires, after travel, get a flat, etc. Usually someone will have taken care of this at a training camp, but it never hurts to bring your own just in case.

CO2 cartidges

Be aware that these will often get confiscated at the airport (some airlines allow you to bring one in your bike bag on the plane now). You can find them at any bike store, and it’s a good idea to stock up at training camp for all the riding you’ll be doing.

An extra pair of goggles

So if yours break, you’ll have a spare ready to go. Borrowing an extra pair from a fellow camper isn’t always ideal depending on what you look for in a goggle.