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8 personalities you’ll see on Strava

Here are eight of the most common kinds of Strava users and how you can spot them. Which kind are you?

Strava has become a ubiquitous form of social media for athletes. Exercise fanatics around the world are posting and letting their friends know what they’re doing to stay fit. As with all forms of social media, certain norms emerge around their usage. Here are eight personalities you’ll come across on Strava.

The workout guru

Some users live for the long description. Their goal is to write everything down and let their followers know exactly how that workout went, and that at minute 58 of their run they really needed a porta-potty.

The no-name

The pure utility poster doesn’t worry about funny titles for their rides or runs–they probably have it set to auto-upload, and away they go. They’re pretty low-maintenance. This Strava user probably also posts everything they do. Unconcerned with showing the world a slow run or commuter ride, Strava is more their personal training log than a social media platform.

The weekend warrior

These posters rarely post during the week, maybe the odd early morning spin or after work run. But when it comes to the weekend, they go off and ride 200K – just enough to get their fix for the week.

The foodie

You know the type. Their Strava feed is littered with pictures of coffee, pastries, brunch and beer. They make you wonder if every ride is a coffee ride?

The commuter

It may be the same old route, but commuting is a great way to get in some extra base miles or a quick workout.

The influencer

The ‘influencer’ curates their Strava account. Their titles are witty, their pictures look good, and they only post a couple of times a week to show off their best runs or rides. On paper, they never have any bad days. Insider tip: most ‘influencers’ are also millennials.

The pro

Why is cycling, running and triathlon so unique? It’s because the age group and professional athletes all train and race on the same course. With Strava, you can follow some of your favourite pros and compare your fastest times against them.

Jackson Laundry’s race winning bike split at IM 70.3 Mont-Tremblant 2019.

The triathlete

Yup, you can tell who a triathlete is on Strava. They post everything – their pool swims, lunch runs and post work rides. Chances are, they’ll also post their dryland sessions.

Originally version of this story can be found on Canadian Running Magazine, by Madeleine Kelly.