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7 reasons why you should start your day with a run

What you do in the morning, sets the tone for the rest of your day

As we enter a new season, the long-awaited arrival of summer. Here are seven reasons why you should begin your day with an early morning run this summer.

1. Start your day off right with a dose of endorphins: In light of mental health awareness, self-care, and the stress of a g0, go, go society, a short 20-30 minute run stimulates the release of serotonin, a powerful endorphin. This endorphin is responsible for mood. Lower levels are linked to depression, while the running, a common form of exercise, is a strong stimulant of serotonin. Even being used in some cases as therapy to help treat depression.

2. Running fasted: The idea of waking up and going for a run before breakfast may seem daunting, yet it can have real health benefits. With little to no available glucose to produce energy, the body has to turn to fat oxidation to produce energy for the muscles. All fat oxidation is, is a fancy way of saying the body is going to breakdown fat in order to get energy. So, by going for a run before breakfast you are helping control your body weight by kickstarting your metabolism.

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3. Time effective: Simply put, by waking up a bit earlier in the morning you are able to fit in that run session for the day. All without the stress of trying to fit in a run after work.

4. Quiet before the storm: It’s quiet when you’re outside on the streets at 6 am. There is no pedestrian or vehicle traffic. You can hear yourself think. You have the time and space, just to be.

5. Nature and wildlife: Without the hustle and bustle of traffic, and people going a million different directions you are able to enjoy nature. Whether it’s around your local pond or you are able to hit the trails. The morning is the perfect time to spend time in nature before going off to work.

6. Temperature: It’s summer, and the days are now getting significantly hotter. Beat the heat by going out in the early morning! It’s a great way to fit in a hard workout without coming home absolutely drenched from a run in 25C plus heat.

7. A feeling of accomplishment: You did it! No matter what the day throws at you, you accomplished something this morning that is good for your physically, mentally and psychologically.

Having said all that, getting up and going some form for physical activity is always good. What you do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day.