It’s just over halfway through the month, and two days short of the day you’re most likely to give up on your 2020 fitness resolutions. We feel your pain … but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Do you think Paula Findlay lets a little bit of snow get in the way of her winter training?

Freezing on the way to the pool for your morning swim

There is nothing quite like the experience of brushing the snow off the car at 5 AM as you’re trying to make your 5:30 masters swim session. Especially when just a few days before the temperature was in the teens, so you haven’t bundled up enough for the suddenly sub-zero temperatures you’re enduring.

Of course, your hair freezing on the way back to the car after the swim is not much fun, either. That said, though, the endorphins and adrenalin from a good swim workout will keep you rolling through a good portion of the morning.

Getting trounced during a Zwift workout

It’s the middle of January and you’re already getting bored with hitting the trainer in the basement. You get yourself down there, though, get started on a group ride … then get railroaded by my son and a bunch of his national-team cycling buddies who are determined to bury everyone in sight. Or, even worse, Jan Frodeno’s avoiding traffic again over in the south of Spain and decided he’s going to trounce everyone around during a “recovery” ride, too.

Jan Frodeno during a Zwift group ride after his win at the 2019 Ironman European Championship. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

Just when you thought you were making some progress with your power numbers …

Thinking you wore too little as you started your run …

There’s never a bad weather day … just poor clothing choices. Yeah, whatever. We all know that we’re supposed to be a little cool as we start a winter run so that, as you start pushing a bit harder and generating some heat, you don’t start cooking. Still, it’s never fun being cold, so inevitably we wear too much and then start roasting by the halfway point of our tempo runs.

The lesson from this experience? Trust yourself and the high-tech clothes all the companies are pumping out these days that make winter training so much more enjoyable.

There’s at least two more months of this?

Let’s all pray for a warm March, shall we?

Learning how to skate ski, or arming yourself with the perfect snow shoes

Remember all those years that you wondered why those cross-country ski folks were so strong on the bike? Once you get out on the snow yourself, especially if you can master skate-skiing, you’ll immediately understand why and want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors and flying along the snow! Suddenly a snowy March and even April wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

One of the keys to winter training is to embrace the conditions. Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes you don’t need to be out skiing to find yourself loving the winter – the right pair of shoes and some hard-packed snow can make for some magical runs, too!

Nailing a personal best road race

Victoria Coates racing at the 2018 Boxing Day Road Race in Hamilton, Ont.

There’s nothing quite like a mid-winter goal to keep you honest. Remember that half-marathon you ran at the beginning of March and the conditions were near perfect – clear roads and temperatures a few degrees above zero (rather than the scorching 30+ C weather you endured last summer) where you nailed a PB? Time to get signed up!

Pulling the trigger on that winter training camp

Arizona, Florida, California or, my personal favourite – Lanzarote … here we come! We just have to get through a few months of this winter madness and, provided we’ve done enough, we’ll enjoy some awesome training that will set up a great tri season.

Alessandro Degaspari enjoys some warm weather training in Lanzarote. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon



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