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6 reasons to race the MultiSport Canada series in 2018

In 2017 I was an ambassador for the Multisport Canada Series, and raced in 5 of the 7 races in the series.  I think the Multisport Canada Series is great for all athletes, whether you’re just getting into triathlon, you want to work on your long course speed, or you want to switch things up from your normal Ironman routine.  So I put together 6 reasons why you should consider racing the MSC series in 2018:

1. You get to race a lot.
2. Great way to improve your LC speed.
3. More enjoyable for non-racing family and friends.
4. See all of Southern Ontario.
5. There’s a points series.
6. Training is far less time consuming.
Multisport Canada website: https://multisportcanada.com/
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