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5 Things triathletes miss in 2020

Multisport training and racing has certainly been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic

Photo by: Ironman

It certainly has been a different year for our sport. While there have been a few events, for the most part racing has been shut down for the year. Since ours is a sport that is very much defined by participating in a swim, bike and run event, there’s been a lot to miss this year. Including:

Their tri bikes


How many expensive tri-bikes have spent the year in a garage or basement while their owners have abandoned them for a road or gravel ride?



Many triathletes use their sport as an opportunity to see the world. It doesn’t hurt that triathlon races usually happen in warm, sunny beautiful spots, either. Unless you’re an avid fan of two-week quarantines, that hasn’t been happening in 2020.

Racing … the good, the bad and the ugly!


“Travel, hugs, Ultraman!” is what Ultraman world champion Tara Norton had to say when she was asked what she’s missing. (The rest of us mortal beings probably wouldn’t be missing a three-day sufferfest in Hawaii’s heat, but she’s never been like the rest of us …)

When asked what he missed, New York’s John Tan was, as usual, his entertaining self: “The fact that I can pee on myself and it’s perfectly fine … During a race.”

Jennifer Santel has a complete race-day list: “The people! The energy! The cannon! Bodymarking! Wetsuit strippers! Transition areas filled with bikes! Finish lines! Midnight! Professionals in the finish line at midnight! Aid stations! Captains Meetings! Welcome Dinners!
Then there’s that pre-race anticipation: “The hours from 5-7 in the morning on race day, says Thomas Schwartz.”



The loneliness of the long-distance runner? That doesn’t seem to work for us triathletes.

Training with friends has taken a whole new meaning in 2020 – after being forced into solitary training for so long we’ve come to really appreciate our time with our training groups.

Purpose … and fitness


Face it, many of us find our motivation through events. With no racing on the horizon, its been tougher to get ourselves out the door for those early morning suffer-sessions.

“But it will be back,” Richard Wallace says. And he’s right!