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5 reasons to do a half-Ironman

Reason number one - it's not an Ironman.

Completing an Ironman is a bucket list item for many triathletes. This is a great goal, but it’s something that requires a lot of sacrifice and commitment.

So, before you make the jump to an Ironman, maybe you should do a half-Ironman first.

Here are five reasons why you should do a half-Ironman in 2019:

The swim at Multisport Canada Niagara Falls Barrelman. A half-Ironman distance race in Southern Ontario. Photo: Brad Reiter.

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If you’ve been doing triathlons for a while, you’ve likely done a few sessions over the 1.9K swim, 90K bike and 21.1K run. Dedicate a few months of training, and you’ll have a blast at your first of many halves.

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The swim is only 400m longer than an Olympic tri – that’s nothing.

An Olympic swim is 1.5K. A half-Ironman swim is 1.9K. The difference is roughly 10 minutes – you’ve got this.

A half marathon is much more manageable than a full.

Doing an Ironman sounds like a great idea, until you come off of the bike and have to run a marathon.

Don’t underestimate a half-Ironman, it is challenging, but you don’t go through the same breakdown (physical and mental) as you do in an Ironman.

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40K is too short, 180K is too long, but 90K is just right.

In an Olympic triathlon, you get off the bike just as you’re getting into a rhythm. In an Ironman, you can’t wait to get your butt off of the saddle. But 90K on a bike is perfect.

It doesn’t take over your life.

Lastly, and probably most important, especially if you have a job, family and other commitments, the training required for a half-Ironman doesn’t take up your life.