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2017 Holiday gift guide: Swim gifts

There’s nothing like some new swim toys to complete a triathlete’s holiday wishes. Some suggestions sure to thrill.

Huub Tana Long Course Triathlon Suit – $300

 This high-performance suit is designed specifically for women, offering a women’sspecific chamois that provides enough padding to keep you comfortable on the bike, but is minimal enough not to bother you during the run. The lightweight, breathable fabric ensures you’ll be comfortable (which is helped by the included bra support), while the low tension leg cuffs ensure the legs won’t ride up during any of your tri activities. There are rear pockets for storage and some extra ventilation on the back, too, to keep things cool as you ramp up your effort.

Speedo Push Paddle – $22

Paddles can help develop your technique and strength and the Push paddle does all that and more. The special shape creates a smooth pull, while multiple holes allows water to pass through and provides different strapping options. There are four sizes so you can dial in the perfect size for your ability and strength. A great addition to pull sets and drill work.

Dare2Tri MACH4S 0.5 Wetsuit – $650

There’s an incredible amount of shoulder flexibility in the MACH4S 0.5 wetsuit, thanks to the 0.5 mm thick neoprene in the back and shoulders, which allows you to have lots of range of motion where you need it most. The suit is designed to provide lots of core support that helps your body position in the water and keep you hydrodynamic.

Xterra Lava Pants – $250

Designed to improve your body position while you’re training, Lava Pants duplicates the buoyancy you get while wearing a wetsuit to put you higher in the water. This improved body position, helps stroke efficiency and improves the catch phase of your stroke. The low cut waistband means you can still do flip turns easily and these .Three-quarter-length pants are easy to get on and off.