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2016 Holiday gift guide: Bike gifts

There seems to always be something you need for your bike to get little extra bit of an edge —  whether it’s some tires to cruise over the ground a little faster or bars to get you more aero. We’ve got some great suggestions that will pick up your pace on the road next spring.


Polar V650 Bike Computer

$355 Whether you want to import your next route or simply track all of your workout data, the V650 is a great option. All the basics are a given here (including power), but Polar takes things to the next level to ensure accuracy. Long known for its HR monitors, you’ll get super accurate data on that front. Altitude and ascent/descent data is measured through an atmospheric air pressure sensor to ensure the most accurate info. You can customize your training views on the 240 x 320 resolution screen to ensure you get all the data you need for your next hard session – or easy one, for that matter.


Pioneer Power Meter

$1,850 What makes the Pioneer power meter different than others on the market is that it uses dual strain gauges to measure independent power data from each leg, transferring data 12 times through each pedal rotation. The result is lots of detailed information about your pedal stroke efficiency, where you’re applying torque as you push down on the pedals and where you need to apply more power as you pedal. The Pioneer dual-leg power meter is available pre-installed and calibrated for 38 Dura Ace and Ultegra crankset configurations.


Shimano RC9

$499 For those looking for a more traditional road shoe that will still get you through a quick transition, the RC9 is worth a look. Thanks to a unified sole and upper construction, the RC9 provides excellent pedalling efficiency in a lightweight, comfortable shoe. Like all good cycling shoes, you get a snug fit thanks to the narrow bottom and slim toe box, but you can dial in the fit to ensure you’re still comfortable thanks to two Boa dials. The quick dry 3D mesh allows for lots of air flow, while drainage holes ensure water won’t pool in the shoe in rainy conditions or those hot triathlon race-days when you end up pouring lots of water on your head.


Pro Missile EVO

$1,550 The full carbon design of this extremely aerodynamic aerobat uses integrated brake and shifter cable routing to hide as much as possible from the wind. There’s lots of adjustability for both the comfortable arm pads and the extensions so you can dial in the perfect ergonomic and aerodynamic fit. The only downside with these bars is they look so fast you’ll have a lot to live up to come race day.


Clif Organic Trail Mix Bars

$1.99 Canadians can look forward to Clif’s Organic Energy Food arriving north of the border in 2017, but in the meantime it’s not hard to make do with the Clif Organic Trail Mix Bar. Wholesome, organic ingredients are combined in a tasty bar that us a great snack pre- or post-workouts. They’re also readily available at grocery stores, too.


Continental Grand Prix Force and Attack

$166 Long the choice of pro cyclists and triathletes thanks to a reputation for durable and speedy tires, Continental’s Grand Prix Force and Attack tires allow you to fine-tune your bike’s handling. The front tire is designed to be more aerodynamic, while the rear provides more traction and comfort. There’s a Vectran puncture protection insert, while the BlackChili Compound used in the rubber ensures you’ll get the best in rolling efficiency and durability.


PowerTap P1 Pedals

$1,620 Now switching your power meter from one bike to another is as easy as switching your pedals! Measuring both left and right power, the P1 pedals are both Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible. You’ll get incredibly detailed data on everything from your power output to your efficiency and how you can improve your pedal stroke.