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Workout Wednesday: Bike speed session from Angela Naeth


This Wednesday’s workout is a bike speed session from pro triathlete, Angela Naeth. For triathletes who want a quick workout under an hour, this is one to do regularly — PPTs. Angela’s coach, Jesse Kropelnicki (www.qt2systems.com) prescribes this workout often to help Angela get out of her comfort zone and hit some anaerobic training. Its great for training at a higher muscle tension than most athletes will see on race day.

PPT stands for Potassium Pump Training.

“They are meant to be a truly anaerobic training session,” Kropelnicki says “The long rests allow that to be the case. Many triathletes shorten their rest intervals too tight which makes the sessions more aerobic. Regardless of the length of the interval itself. For triathletes who are very aerobic this is a great session.”

The workout

Warm-up 15 minutes easy riding, up to an aerobic effort.
– 10 x 30 seconds ALL OUT
– 2 minutes, 30 seconds EASY spin between sets
– Go as hard as possible for those 30 seconds, with the goal of ending at the same power wattage as the first or near it
Cool down 15 minutes easy riding
This workout is quick, fast and gets you the best bang for your buck!