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VIDEO: Eric Lagerstrom and Magali Tisseyre start their off-season in Mont-Tremblant


American pro triathlete and TMC contributor Eric Lagerstrom has become known in the triathlon world for his film making endeavours, creating a popular series called Viking Life. He gives in-depth looks at ITU racing from inside the bike peloton on race day as well as showcases his and Tisseyre’s road trips to training and racing destinations around North America. In his most recent video, Lagerstrom shows off the couple’s new home in Mont-Tremblant, one of Canada’s top triathlon regions. He tries out some new styles in his film-making and shares footage of their mountain biking adventures in the snowy forests. If you’re about to start your off-season, this may give you some inspiration to get out and try something new outdoors this year.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/2U9FbEFnl5U”]

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