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Triathletes you should follow on social media

Social media is not just a way for pro triathletes to promote their sponsors — it’s also a way for them to share their stories with triathlon fans. It gives age-groupers a glimpse into the commitment and dedication that goes into each performance and day of training. You can see what they eat, how they deal with injuries, how they recover and more. In a sport with such diverse professionals (from short course to long course) and with multiple social media outlets being utilized, here’s a list of some of the best content from pro triathletes out there.


Trevor Wurtele

If you’re bored of long race recaps where triathletes brag about their wattage and blame their nutrition for their under-performance, you should definitely watch Trevor’s YouTube race recaps. They are short, funny and really entertaining. Find him here.

Michelle Vesterby

One of the most bubbly personalities in the sport, Michelle Vesterby is a Danish long course triathlete who placed fourth at Kona last year and has a few major wins to her name. Vesterby has started vlogging on her Youtube channel recently, showcasing her travels around the world for training, racing and sponsorship obligations. She’s funny and talented and definitely worth following.

Find her here.

Eric Lagerstrom

Contrary to Trevor’s videos, Eric makes long and more serious videos that relate his experiences as a pro triathlete. You’ll definitely enjoy his music taste and cinematographer skills.

Find him here and be sure to check out his most recent video with GoPro footage taken during the bike leg at WTS Hamburg.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/YNMRE9U9CBM”]


Paula Findlay

Former Olympian and world no. 1 Paula Findlay shares her day-to-day training pics and updates on her life as a triathlete on Instagram. Though she didn’t make it to Rio, Findlay has been on a serious mission to start rising up the ITU rankings again so her posts serve as some great daily motivation and inspiration if you ever need it.

View this post on Instagram

Ever since this exact moment, I've been dreaming, fighting and working my ass off to get to Rio. I promised myself that I'd be there fighting for a medal, because this feeling was the worst of my triathlon career. I've ridden the highs and lows of injuries, coaching changes, and living out of a suitcase, all in the relentless pursuit of a dream. Unfortunately I came up short when it mattered most. Upset would be an understatement, but I'm surprisingly calm about it. There is a strange comfort that comes from knowing that I did everything I could given the cards I was dealt. I've made some mistakes that I regret, but I have NO regrets for trying these last 4 years. I've been knocked down so many times that I have a hard time explaining to people why I keep trying. I have moments of awesomeness that remind me that I'm really damn good at this, that I care about it, that I used to be one of the best in the world at it – and that's what keeps me going. I'm not sure what's worse, this London 2012 performance, or not being able to redeem myself in Rio. But it's not over yet, there are still lots of races this summer and I believe a long career ahead of me. Thanks to EVERYONE for the endless support, and all the best to the Canadian team heading to Rio.

A post shared by Paula Findlay (@paula_findlay) on

Find her at @paula_findlay

Tyler Mislawchuk

Canada’s top-ranked ITU athlete, Tyler Mislawchuk shares his journey to Rio via his Instagram account. You’ll be inspired by his training and racing pictures and will probably feel a little bit jealous seeing his nice coffee shop pics from training and racing destinations around the world, especially when you’re stuck in your pain cave during Canada’s harsh winter.

Find him at @tmislawchuk

Tommy Zaferes

USA’s uber swimmer is well known for his funny tweets but he’s also a great photographer. He shares great pictures of his wife Katie Zaferes, as well as the other members of coach Joel Filliol’s training squad as they get ready for Rio.

Find him at @tzaferes

This is Triathlon

This is Korupt Vision’s triathlon only Instagram account. The pictures are absolutely stunning and will definitely inspire you to train everyday.

Find them at @thisistriathlon


Dark Mark

He’s famous for his jokes on The Real Starky’s podcast and his funny tweets. Dark Mark lives for the retweets, so I suggest not retweeting too many of his tweets because his ego in fear of inflating his ego too much.

Find him at @_Dark_Mark


Since triathlon’s coverage is limited, the best way to “watch” a triathlon is to follow via twitter and IronmanLive is the best twitter account to follow for that. You’ll get live updates and also some pictures.

Find them at @IRONMANLive

Callum Millward

He’s well known for eating cupcakes and winning races but also for his funny tweets. Here’s a little taste of his humor “If you’re sad just go out and buy a new bike. Then you’ll be broke and you can focus on that instead.”

*He’s also on snapchat and worth following.

Find him at @callummillward

Joel Filliol

Coach of one of the best international triathlon crews (JFTcrew), Joel shares interesting articles, especially regarding doping, on his twitter account.

Find him at @joelfilliol


Jesse Thomas

Since Jesse Thomas is everywhere in social media the best place to follow him is on Facebook. You won’t miss his race recaps, his sponsors video featuring him or his wife Lauren Fleshman, some awesome training and racing pictures and last but not least, his funny and entertaining triathlete magazine articles.

Find him here.

Lionel Sanders

Lionel has become a Canadian triathlon superstar with a large Facebook following. If you, like most triathletes in Canada, are interested in his detailed race recaps or simply want to get inspired by his training pictures, he provides interesting and regular content on his Facebook page. Also, you can have the chance to win some of his sponsors equipment by guessing his bike and run splits at races.

Find him here.

Cody Beals

Uber biker and self proclaimed bike geek, Cody Beals also writes really interesting blogs. Subjects varies from aerodynamism, to health, to pro triathlete budgeting. He also posts short videos directly from his phone hours after his races where he describes how the race went.

Find him here.