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Results from STAC’s Virtual Wind Tunnel

In part two, Daniel Clarke shares his results from STAC's Virtual Wind Tunnel and what changes he can make to get more aero.

— by Daniel Clarke

In my last video, I explained what the STAC Virtual Wind Tunnel is. For this video, I’m going to go through some of my results. I’ve uploaded my STAC report and copied a link below. The report contains information on my scanned pose, as well as six others. The only thing I asked STAC to test is a disc wheel. STAC identified a number of areas I can improve, some will cost me money in buying new equipment, while others are ‘free speed’ if I can adapt to changes in my position.

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My STAC VWT Report

If you’re interested in VWT testing you can get more information on the STAC website.

STAC is regularly adding more testing centres, so send them an email if you don’t notice anything local. Additionally, if you have a club, group, or camp that all want to get tested, reach out STAC by email to set something up – scanning@staczero.com

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