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“More isn’t always better”

Daniel Clarke reflects on the benefits of having a coach

I often preach to others the importance of rest and recovery, but I don’t do such a great job of following that advice myself. One of the most significant benefits I’ve found in having a coach is having someone that can tell me when I need to rein it in.

After another race at Ironman Mont Tremblant to add to my less than stellar summer season my inclination was to ramp up the volume and push myself leading into Ironman Chattanooga at the end of September. My coach, Frank Webster, wanted me to trust that the fitness was there and do the opposite, get even more rest. I ended up believing Frank’s plan, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s paid off. After getting in lots of recovery headed into Montreal Demi Esprit, I had the race I’d been chasing all summer, including a big run PB (which had been my Achilles heel all summer). I followed that up with another really solid race the next weekend at the Changsha International triathlon.

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